About Celebration

The town was developed in the nineties by the Disney Development Company and continues to grow. It is a celebration of architecture, public space, color, and nature as well as sensible values, good community and the best of small-town life. Celebration is a hallmark of Neo-Traditionalism, or what city planners call New Urbanism.

Tree-lined streets, parks and strategically located commercial and civic buildings provide a strong identity for the public space. Even the golf course, so commonly privatized, is bordered by a public street and creates a park-like amenity for all to enjoy.


Residential neighborhoods radiate out from the downtown business district in a plan that allows for a variety of house types and mixed-income neighborhoods.


Front porches mediate between streets and houses and garages are located off mid-block alleys, keeping sidewalks pedestrian-friendly. Houses are designed according to the town's Residential Architectural Guidelines, ensuring an appropriately Southern character.